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1 place or situation affording some advantage (especially a comprehensive view or commanding perspective)
2 the quality of having a superior or more favorable position; "the experience gave him the advantage over me" [syn: advantage] [ant: disadvantage]

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  1. An advantage.
  2. A place or position affording a good view; a vantage point.


An advantage
A place or position affording a good view; a vantage point

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Vantage point

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advantage, allowance, ambit, angle, angle of vision, bailiwick, bulge, coign of vantage, constituency, deadwood, draw, drop, edge, flying start, footing, handicap, head start, inside track, jump, mental outlook, odds, orbit, outlook, point of view, running start, something extra, something in reserve, sphere of influence, stamping ground, standpoint, start, territory, turf, upper hand, vantage ground, vantage point, viewpoint, whip hand
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